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The Best Slot Game Review Sites On The Internet

When deciding which site you should visit to play slot games online, it is best to have some information beforehand. Knowing the sites with the best slot game reviews would certainly help. Different sites perform a slot game review differently so it would be difficult to rank which is best. The sites listed in the article offer the best online slot reviews but are not categorized by any criteria.

Therefore, looking for reliable slot game reviews? Here's a guide!

1. is one of the best sites to read slot game reviews. They have become industry experts through their multitude of experience doing the best slot reviews. Any slot casino you find reviewed on has been put though serious scrutiny.

Each site is tested against standard industry benchmarks such as game variety and quantity, graphic design, bonus and promotions, mobile & live experience, payment diversity and speed, sound quality and themes. has reviewed hundred of online slots to formulate the best slot game reviews on the internet. You can reach each site's individual review and also compare different sites to find the one that suits you best.

The site also has links to the slot casino so that you can visit them directly after deciding which site is worth it. has a five star rating system which you can use if you do not want to read the entire site's review.

The site also offers the basic terms and conditions for each slots casino including minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. You will also find information on unique bonuses offered in the casino and the wagering requirements.

After reading slots casino reviews on, you should be able to make an informed choice about which casino you should visit.


Whichbingo has a massive slots site directory where you can find a lot of information and reviews on the top slots sites in the UK. There is a list of the top recommended slots sites on the site which are arranged in order.

Whichbingo also has a five star rating system which they award slots casinos. They have a separate list where they rank new sites which can be upgraded to the overall slots list as soon as a certain time period passes.

Whichbingo has an annual award for the best slots site of the year. The winner of the award has to undergo rigorous testing and also receive the most votes to win the award.

Pertaining to shorter time spans, Whichbingo has a slots game of the week challenge where players can vote for the best sites. The sites are then compared and contrasted and the best site is named thereafter.

Whichbingo has a separate list of ranked slots sites which are selected by the site's editor. The lists may overlap giving more insight into which slots sites are undoubtedly the best on the internet.

3. Casino Guru

Just as the name suggests, the ten member review team at are experts at coming up with the best online slot reviews. They traverse the entire web and find out all sorts of information you may want to know about the best online slot sites.

Casino Guru utilizes strict methodology to evaluate each casino's size, player complaints and other factors to determine not only what kind of games, promotions and user experience it offers. More importantly they offer information about how each casino treats its players. Casino Guru values honesty above all else their list of the best slot game reviews proves just that.

They have amassed an astounding database of information on online casinos on the internet. The database is what enables them to come up with the best online slot reviews.

Casino Guru's goal is to be able to recommend the best slots casinos to everybody who comes to their site and work to get better at it every single day. They update their database every day so that the information on their site always stays relevant.

The team at Casino Guru is made by gambling experts from the industry. They use math and statistics to objectively review online slots casinos. They really know how online gambling works.

4. breaks down thousands of online casinos and has compiled a list of the best online slots casinos. Slot game review on the site is extremely accurate and detailed.

One of the key elements used by is the Return to Player (RTP) which is the amount of return you earn for every dollar, euro or pound you wager in an online slot casino. RTP rankings set apart as many slots sites will not publish such data leaving players to figure it out themselves.

Another key factor used by the website when ranking slots casinos is volatility or variance which pertains to how much slots sites pay out and how often. The higher the variance, the higher the risk, the fewer the payments but the higher the amounts. Vice versa is also true.

They also have rankings for different types of slot games which is a helpful tool if you only want to play on one type of slots casino e.g. free slots or mobile slots.

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