Our hottest new racing-themed game

Are you a fan of the classic racing style games? Have you played all the popular ones and are always searching for the next best thing in the racing genre? Let’s face it, when it comes to popular styles of games, racing has always been up near the top. It’s a style of game that people can learn very quickly, the rules aren’t confusing, and the goal of the game is simple – to win the race.

Now how about if you could combine this classic style of game with a modern twist to it? That’s exactly what the upcoming racing video game offers, as it’s an exciting racing themed game. The game boasts over 80 cars which you can customize in a million different ways. Here’s the best part, the game costs $1 through us. So, what’s involved with this game? Let’s look at the offerings now.

Available in Android and iOS

First things first, it’s important to note that this game can be played on Android and iOS devices, which means no-one is left out of the mix. You’ll be able to enjoy the game while on the go, or in the comfort of your own home thanks to your mobile device.

Come for the Game, Stay for the Graphics

When players are picking their new favorite game, they tend to base it on an initial reaction which is where graphics come into play. Developers are well aware that the flashier the graphics, and the more realistic they seem, the more positive the reaction tends to be. Racing style games are the perfect venue for realistic graphics.

The whole idea is that players feel like they are actually racing down city streets in real-time, and forget that it’s just a game. Our game certainly delivers in this sense, and can even provide you with that all-important adrenaline rush. If it’s excitement, thrills, and top speed that you’re after, you won’t be disappointed.

Vast Choices of High-end Vehicles

Another big draw is the ability to choose your vehicle, and there are some pretty luxurious and jaw-dropping models to choose from here. Sure, you'll find popular vehicles like the Toyota, Lexus, and Mitsubishi, but there is also a Ferrari, and Alfa Romeo that you can get behind the wheel of. It just helps to take the action to the next level as these luxurious high-end cars aren’t typically the cars you’d be driving in real life.

We here at yourslotconsultant love the ability to customize your vehicle with body kits, accessories, and more. Finally, we can create the perfect vehicle of our dreams that are meant for racing.

Realistic Obstacles and Conditions

Just like in real-life, you will also be dealing with weather conditions here. Let's face it, weather can throw a real wrench in your driving skills when the roads are wet, slick, dark, or the sun is shining right in your eyes. This is where you really need to boost your driving skills and become that expert race car driver.

Burn off Steam from Everyday Grind

Perhaps the top reason these racing style games are so consistently popular with players is the fact it allows you to step out of your everyday life and really burn off steam. You’re not going to race around town in your actual car, but with a video game, you’re free to live out your racing fantasies.

Our premium racing game is sure to give you that adrenaline rush that you're after, all while allowing you to relax your mind and just step out of everyday life.

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